Active Rehabilitation

What is Active Rehab?

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have an active claim with ICBC, you may be entitled to one-on-one exercise-based rehabilitation with a kinesiologist.

Our kinesiologists are experienced treating the full range of injuries caused by MVAs, and will support you through your recovery journey.

Am I ready for Active Rehab?

In most cases, yes. The earlier we reintroduce proper movement, the better your outcome will be.

Your kinesiologist will work within your tolerated pain level and range of motion to design a treatment plan that compliments your other treatments.

Common injuries we see are low back pain, whiplash, sciatica, neck pain and stiffness, arm and hand numbness, and concussions.

What will my first appointment look like?

Once you’ve been approved by ICBC to begin active rehab, your first appointment will be a 60-minute session, during which you will discuss the injuries sustained in your accident, your current complaints and limitations, and complete a comprehensive physical assessment.

Together with your kinesiologist, you will develop an exercise-based treatment plan that suits your schedule and needs.

How will I progress?

After your initial assessment, your kinesiologist will request approval for additional treatment sessions from ICBC, and notify you as soon as you are approved.

Your kinesiologist will book your subsequent 60-minute one-on-one active rehab sessions in our private on-site gym.


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