Today marks a very special day for us here at the clinic as Physiotherapist Lieon Kit and social media worker Erin Reid come to the completion of Erin’s return to sport ACL testing with a concluded PASS! 

Erin began seeing Lieon for a suspected ACL tear in January of 2017 after an incident that occured while playing volleyball recreationally, resulting in the need for a full ACL reconstruction surgery that took place in April. Her journey involved countless hours of rehabilitation to regain strength, stability, range of motion, and confidence in the injured leg. Beginning in January 2018, Erin began easing back into sport-specific activity at her UBC Softball team practices with hopes to receive her official clearance by February 2018 to play in the team’s first games that will be taking place the week of February 19th in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“It has been a long ride, 384 days to be exact from injury date to my official pass, with a lot of struggles and milestones inbetween. I know there is still a lot more I can do beyond this point, but I cannot express how thankful I am to have had all of the support along the way from Lieon and other members at the clinic who I am lucky to call my colleagues. The injury prevented me from missing out on an entire season last year, and being only 6 days out from our first game for the 2018 season has made this timing perfect for me!” – Erin Reid

A huge congratulations to Lieon and Erin on their achievements over this past year, showing us the results we can attain and barriers we can overcome with teamwork, hardwork, and dedication.

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