Marjorie Lim

Marjorie Lim

Registered Physiotherapist

Phone: 604.263.4414

Marjorie started Physiotherapy back in 2009, working with rugby players in Singapore by providing pre-taping and acute care. Back in the Philippines, Marjorie worked in a hospital setting at Cardinal Santos Medical Center where she treated patients with musculoskeletal and neurological cases. On top of this, she had already ttended seminars such as Positional Release Technique, Spinal Manipulation and became a certified Dorn Method Practitioner. She enjoys treating patients with back, neck, shoulder and ankle pain. By 2012, Marjorie worked with a team of international physiotherapists at SinoUnited Health Shanghai where she encountered numerous orthopaedic and musculoskeletal expat patients. She participated in different events in China as the physiotherapist in Charge starting with the British International Primary and Secondary School Basketball Tournament, followed by the Shanghai International Touch Tournamnet, FOBISSEA (Soccer) Dulwich College in Pudong, McCallan Cup Golf Tournament at Tianma Gold and the Tianma Christmas Golf Tournament. During these experiences pretaping to prevent injuries, a lot of athlete education and treatment of acute injuries was provided. Marjorie also had the chance to attend an introduction course on Polestar Rehab Pilates (R1/R2) at Body Concept. She wrote an article about Proper Body Mechanics which was publised in a Japanese magazine. While Marjorie was in the Philippines, she became the Senior Physical Therapist and Clinical Manager at Health Hub Pro.

Marjorie enjoys spending her time off playig basketball with her husband and previous teammates, and loves to play badminton and volleyball. She is a mother of 2 wonderful kids (boy and girl).

Marjorie still continues to gain experience and knowledge by attending seminars such as application of Nasara Taping and Kinesiotape together with attending the Annual Convention of Medical Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals which focused on recent innovations in providing up to date patient care.

Marjorie is a registered physiotherapist in New York, the USA, and in the Phillipines and is currently a candidate of Interim Physiotherapist in Canada.

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    The City of Vancouver and the Province of BC are now in a state of emergency as a result of COVID-19. Marpole Physiotherapy is now closed from 7 pm March 18th until Sunday, March 29th and will re-open on March 30th at 7 am. This may change but this is what we anticipate. At this moment in time the safety of our staff, patients, and families, and the greater community is our priority and we are following the requests from Health officials. Patients with urgent needs are invited to email or call us as our physiotherapists may be able to help you on a case by case basis. We will also be reaching out to patients shortly with online physiotherapy service options. We want to stay in touch and be a support during the next few weeks as we all self-isolate. We will be available by phone or email and will endeavor to get back to you ASAP if you leave us a message. I want to let each of you know that atthis point in time we have had no reports of any patienst or staff with any COVID19 symptoms, and are closing purely as we feel it is our civic duty to do so. To all our patients: Thank you for your loyal support over the past 25 years and more. We love you and look forward to seeing you soon. Take care of each other, and be well.