From our therapist Margherita Cirillo:

It is pretty safe to say that the most common injuries we treat involve the neck or the back, and it is the nature of our movements throughout the day that tend to be a major contributing factor. For many of us, sitting too long at a desk or in a car, or the repetitive strains of a sport or job can lead to poor posture and muscular imbalances, which may cause injury to joints.

Some of the most successful recoveries I see come from implementing a Pilates – based approach to rehabilitation. It is also a great tool for injury prevention. I have found it to be gentle on the body, appropriate for any level of physical ability, and most importantly, improves the strength and flexibility of muscles and joints, and therefore the quality of movement with every day tasks.

By reinforcing the following Pilates related principles, we develop awareness of our bodies, and therefore, improved efficiency, coordination and control:

Promotes optimal oxygenation throughout the body and reduces tension (especially of the neck, shoulders and back) during exercise.

Inner core strength (e.g. deep abdominals, pelvic floor muscles) offers a solid foundation for any movement while maintaining pelvic and spinal stability.

Creates a mind body connection – so that when you are performing general tasks over time you develop the habit of incorporating core strength/stability.

Movements are performed slowly and with precision while maintaining alignment of the neck, spine and pelvis to minimize joint stress and increase the efficiency of movement in the strongest and most balanced position.

Executing exercise with accuracy and awareness is more important than completing more repetitions with sloppier form.

Flow through continuous movements can re-train the body to move more efficiently and safer.

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