As addressed in previous blogs, the first 3 steps in the recovery of a ligament strain are:

  1. RICE. The RICE Principle (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) is a good first step following a ligament sprain. Check in with your physiotherapist who will assess your strength, range of motion, and biomechanics to ensure normal function is regained following your injury.
  1. Get relief. If you have injured your ankle or wrist and experience swelling and limited movement, you probably have sprained a ligament and need immediate relief. Your physiotherapist will treat you with deep transverse frictions, electrotherapeutic modalities such as ultrasound and laser, and supportive bracing and taping to start your recovery.
  1. Build strength. Strengthening the muscles surrounding the joint associated with your sprain will help provide needed stability. Your physiotherapist will show you exercises to help you isolate the correct muscles.

Finally, the last step to an ultimate recovery is to Keep Moving. Your ability to move your joint is often impaired following a ligament sprain. Your physiotherapist specializing in manual therapy can perform specific, joint mobilizations to ensure the bones are moving optimally as your ligament heals. Keeping moving is important as you recover.

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