‘Tennis elbow’ is really a misnomer since it can be caused by activities other than racquet sports like tennis. Other activities include swimming, rock climbing, throwing sports, and repetitive activities that we do at work or home. Considering how often we use our arms, there are countless ways to get ‘tennis elbow’. Tennis Elbow II

A more appropriate name is lateral epicondylitis. The lateral epicondyle is a bony prominence on the lateral (outer aspect) elbow.  This is often where the pain begins.  Pain may be triggered by lifting light objects (such as a milk carton or coffee pot), heavy lifting, or by repetitive movement (such as writing, gripping small objects, opening doors, etc). The muscles of the back of the forearm can become very tender or just feel ‘tight’. The arm and hand can even feel weak. All these symptoms lead to an impact on your enjoyment and comfort in life.

So, if you are experiencing symptoms like these and they’re preventing you from enjoying your physical activities, your ability to work comfortably or just use your arms with ease in your daily life, make an appointment with your physiotherapist to see how they can help you!