Carmen MacAngus, B.Sc.PT, CGIMS, AFCI, Registered Physiotherapist, Women’s Health

Prenatal therapy could include manual therapy for restoring range of motion of the joints and correcting the alignments that have happened with the changes in the posture.

It could also include core muscle strengthening, pelvic floor muscle strengthening, bracing for any pelvic malalignments is possible using a maternity belt or an SI joint belt.

All of these treatment modalities that we would use would ultimately work towards realigning your posture and getting you out of positions that contribute to your pain.

Some of the symptoms that you might feel that would lead you to seek physiotherapy could be any joint paint whether it’s your neck, wrists, low back, knees, but particularly the low back and the pelvis. Some of the other pains that you might feel are just general discomfort in the musculature of your hips, low back and pelvis.

If you have questions regarding when you should see a physiotherapist, a good person to contact is your local physiotherapist that specializes in pre and postnatal health, and pelvic floor dysfunction.

You might visit a physiotherapist for information on what is, conditions, side effects, symptoms and treatments related to prenatal physiotherapy, lower back pain in pregnancy, pubic symphisis and safe pregnancy exercise.