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Mr. Bradley Vance, Physiotherapist, Osteoarthritis of the thumb joint


Brad Vance was born and raised in Kamloops, BC where he attended Thompson Rivers University and obtained a BSc with a focus in cellular and microbial biology. After working/volunteering in rehab and mental health for a time, he graduated from the Master of Physical Therapy program at the University of British Columbia. Brad strongly believes in a holistic approach to rehabilitation, using a mix of manual therapy, exercise prescription and patient education to help clients achieve their goals. Brad Vance His major area of interest is the musculoskeletal side of physiotherapy, but he is also passionate about vestibular and neuro rehab. In his spare time, Brad enjoys camping, backpacking and skiing.

Osteoarthritis of the thumb joint

It’s very common in populations; in particular, aging populations, a disorder of degenerative arthritis affecting the end joints and the middle joints of the hands and the base of the thumbs. The diagnosis is based upon clinical symptoms, generally pain, stiffness, and loss of dexterity in the hands.

A physician will make the diagnosis clinically or may ask for certain blood tests or X-rays. The blood tests are generally normal, as it is not a systemic disease. It’s only affecting joints. And X-rays are very characteristic. The treatment of osteoarthritis is based upon symptoms. We don’t know of anything that’s disease – modifying for osteoarthritis, so really, we’re treating symptoms.

Many individuals will not have symptoms. Others will have quite severe symptoms. And the treatment for those individuals varies from simple over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents to prescription-strength anti-inflammatory drugs. Before starting off medications, you should consult your general practitioner to make sure there are no contraindications to you utilizing over-the-counter or prescription-strength analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs.

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