Luc Ortelli

Registered Acupunturist Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture
Phone: 604.263.4414


Luc was born in the south of France and raised in the Netherlands. At a young age, Luc found a passion for healing with his hands, which led to his desire for a career in the Health Care industry. After several years of providing physiotherapy and manual therapy in the Netherlands, Nepal, China, Hong Kong, and Singapore, Luc decided to continue his education trajectory in Vancouver, Canada. In 2017, Luc became a certified acupuncturist through the International College of Traditional

Chinese Medicine here in Vancouver, with which he now practices at Marpole Physiotherapy Clinic. Meanwhile, Luc is currently continuing to broaden his knowledge by studying Visceral Manipulation techniques at the Barral Institute. Luc is also currently in the process of registering at the board of Canadian Physiotherapists.

Acupuncture Treatments And Physiotherapy

Lieon Kit, DPT, MEd, CSCS, MCPA, Physiotherapist, discusses Acupuncture Treatments And Physiotherapy


Registered Acupunturist Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture

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