Receive the uninterrupted time you need with your physiotherapist without added fees. All treatments are with a highly-skilled therapist trained in the latest evidence-based techniques for your optimal recovery. The result is a more personalized service, more effective treatment, faster recovery, and greater value.

Marpole Physiotherapy Clinic provides a very experienced team of physiotherapists to manage general, occupational and sports-related problems. Our facility includes a fully equipped gym for the rehabilitation of our patients.

We provide a comprehensive list of physiotherapy services to treat, but not restricted to, the following conditions:
* Back and neck pain management
* Headache management and dizziness
* Sports Injury diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and supervision of a return to activity
* Muscle and joint pain diagnosis and management
* Post-operative, acute and chronic injury rehabilitation
* Arthritis; Optimizing function and movement
* Posture and alignment problems
* Diagnosis and treatment recommendations
* Osteoarthritic knees and other joints
* Women’s and Men’s Health
* Related musculo-skeletal issues
* Adolescent and children’s injuries
* Exercise prescription for people with disabilities which limit exercise tolerance.

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